I love to make things.

Here are some examples. I worked at frog design, launched three successful Kickstarter campaigns called For One Hundred Of Our Closest Friends, worked at the Art Institute of Seattle for a year teaching designers about code, designed an email game called The Long Talk, have three email lists called Big New Things, New Things, and just Things, have given many talks including one at SXSW called How Great Design Ruins Experience and another one called Design While Shipping, have three children, draw an ongoing comic called Yet Another Comic, designed a concert poster for an anonymous musician named Slow Magic, run a company called UX Launchpad, am writing a book I'm jokingly calling I Hope You Like Words, wrote a design blog and book called Design Dare, ran a short lived and beloved blog called Fuck Jetpacks, wrote an essay called "Of Course" Design, created a micro-blogging site called Yay Bouquet, designed and wrote the code for TV's Big Brother 3, host a monthly meetup called Design Play Seattle that's a lot of fun, wrote a book on design called The Thing About Jetpacks, currently work at Twitter, wrote an essay named Design Courage, am the co-author of Design Explosions, a new kind of design critique,, was a design lead on Windows Phone, wrote an essay called McDonald's Theory, designed an app for a voice transcription company called Jott that launched on the app store on day one and was #1 in productivity for a while, designed several board games when I was a kid, redesigned the mainframe for Computer Associates, give away all my sketchbooks, and I wrote this silly webpage.

My current status:

It's the weekend! I'm spending time with my family right now.