Staff product designer, Twitter
Product design lead, Windows Phone
Interaction designer, frog design
Founder, UX Launchpad

I'm the design lead on the Twitter's Abuse team. If the problem were as simple as "get rid of trolls," we'd be done already. I wish!

Instead, it's the most complex and nuanced design problem I've ever had the chance to work on. My team has been hard at work on products that will help people to express themselves while feeling safer online.

Windows Phone

I was a design lead on Windows Phone, in charge of the team designing 1st party apps like Mail, Calendar, and Messaging. I also worked with partners like Office, Skype, and hundreds of third party developers.

I moved from Windows Phone to Office, where I led the design of new versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for small screens. Getting the Office "ribbon" onto a four inch screen was a lot of fun and hard work!

frog design

I worked on dozens of different projects, the most complex being a redesign of mainframe software for Computer Associates. (I can't talk about most other projects because of how frog's NDA works)

The mainframe project taught me that while app and web design is complex, mainframe design is a whole other ballgame. Ask me sometime!

UX Launchpad

UX Launchpad teaches hands-on and fun design classes. For the first few years, we based them out of a space in Seattle, but since then we've moved to full-day seminars on site at companies.

The company also puts out a lot of design essays, including the popular Design Explosions. In issue #1 we compared Google Maps and Apple Maps.

I love public speaking and chatting and would love to hear from you. You can contact me at